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To: Governor Gina Raimondo

Gov. Raimondo: Don't Betray Burrillville

Governor Raimondo, we call on you to revoke your support of Invenergy's toxic power plant that's proposed for Burrillville, Rhode Island.

Governor, you've spoken out before on the need to address climate change and how Rhode Island can lead the nation towards a renewable energy future. This is your opportunity to be a climate leader and bring Rhode Island closer to that goal.

This is your climate legacy moment.

Why is this important?

Invenergy, a major corporation, proposes to build a fracked-gas and diesel fuel power plant in Burrillville, Rhode Island.

This proposed power plant would contribute to local air and water pollution, threatening the health of Burillville's residents. This project would also threaten our climate by running mostly on fracked gas -- a major contributor to dangerously high CO2 and Methane emissions.

In 2001 there was a major toxic, cancerous chemical spill in Burrillville that contaminated the town's water, leaving people sick and without running water for months. Invenergy's wants to uncap these toxic wells and use hundreds of thousands of gallons of this water at their plant every day, then dump it into a local river.

Burrillville already is home to two major fracked-gas pipelines, two fracked-gas compressor stations and the largest fossil fuel power plant in the State. Residents are now united in their opposition to Invenergy's project. It's critical that the residents of Burrillville have a say in the future of their community.

Burrillville, RI, United States

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