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To: President Obama, US Department of the Interior, US Bureau of Land Management & US Environmental Protection Agency

Stop Fracking in The Four Corners Area

We want hydraulic fracturing halted in the Four Corners region. This includes Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Please put an end to fracking in this area because of its proximity to public lands, reservations, rivers, and historical sites.

Why is this important?

Methane Emission, Historical Sites, Earthquakes, Health, Water, Livestock & Food

NASA has found that there is so much methane being released in the Four Corners area that it's visible from space. Studies have recently shown that it is primarily due to gas emissions from hydraulic fracturing. (Link at bottom of page)

The Four Corners area is a national treasure. Some of it is protected but most of it is not. The Anasazi had a huge network of connecting lines leading to spiritual sites. They are becoming almost impossible to see because of the new fracking well access roads created on top of them. Archeologists haven't finished their research in this area, much is still left to be discovered.

Fracking is fast encroaching on Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. Additional land leases are set to be auctioned off in January for fracking sites in the Greater Chaco area. Some of this land comes within 15 miles of the main Chaco Canyon which is designated as a World Heritage site.

Studies have shown that disposal wells for wastewater from fracking have caused earthquake swarms in many places around the country. Some are even quite large as we saw recently in Oklahoma. If this should happen anywhere near the Anasazi ruins it could be disastrous for these historical treasures. (Link at bottom of page)

People are reporting being sickened by the air quality in communities near the fracking sites.
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The Four Corners area doesn't have a lot of water. Companies are fracking right up to the rivers and Navajo Lake. When toxic chemicals leak it will be disastrous, not only for the people nearby but also for those living downriver.

The Navajo Nation's eastern side, which falls in New Mexico, is desperate for water. With basically no water rights, they are forced to rely on ground water. They have to dig very deep, through layers and layers of rock, because the water that's closer to the surface is contaminated with uranium from mining in the WWII era.

40% of the Navajo in this area have no running water in their homes. We should be making things better for them, not worse. Fracking not only endangers the limited water supply but it also uses an enormous amount of water in the process. This is water which would be much better utilized as drinking water rather than fracking water. People can't drink natural gas or oil.
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"In addition to the cases documented by Bamberger, hair testing of sick cattle that grazed around well pads in New Mexico found petroleum residues in fifty-four of fifty-six animals." (Link at bottom of page)

Methane emission:
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How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petitions in person with the possibility of a staged press conference.

Four Corners Monument, San Juan County, New Mexico, United States

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